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The research of the State Institute for Family Research at the University of Bamberg is thematically diverse and includes basic research, applied research, and scientific political consulting.

Basic research

Basic research at the ifb provides new insights into the developments and structures of families and contributes to expanding and updating scientific knowledge. This includes the review and further development of theories, empirical methods, and data collection tools. Moreover, it offers a broad knowledge base for applied research projects and scientific political consulting.

Applied research

Closely linked to basic research, the researchers at the ifb in the field of applied research deal with a broad range of assignments of high practical relevance. This includes providing empirical data, theoretical insights, and practical applications as well as the evaluation of model projects and family policy measures. In this context, the results of basic research are prepared for practical application: The guidelines, handbooks, and brochures produced by the ifb within the framework of such projects provide significant impulses for experts in the field.

Political consulting

In view of the rapid changes in society, decision-makers and stakeholders, especially those with political responsibility and family associations, need reliable and up-to-date information on families. Hence, the results of empirical research are an important basis for socio-political discussions and decision-making. This is why political consulting on the topic of family is the third task of the ifb. An important area of work in this context is the preparation of statements and assessments on questions of family development and the living situation of families for the Bavarian State Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Affairs. Furthermore, the ifb organizes family-related forums and initiatives, produces expert reports and provides information for various stakeholders. At federal, state, municipal and association level, these are, for example, ministries, associations, local authorities, working groups, committees and many other organizations that deal directly or indirectly with family-related topics.

Journal of Family Research (JFR)

In addition to these areas of responsibility, the ifb also is the publisher of the Journal of Family Research (JFR), one of the leading academic journals for family research in the field of social sciences in Germany as well as in Europe. It is published three times a year in English.

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